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I, Cory Owens, have requested the honor of your presence to celebrate the official launch of my personal online blog. A new home for all my writings. Strictly for Ideas that may have never lived, so my thoughts may never die. Poems, short song lyrics and words of encouragement; Inspirations derived from relationships of the past, present & future. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to enjoy these words and ideas. Please get comfortable. Free yourself of all distractions. Open your mind & get spiritually connected. The words here are important to me and very true to who I am as a person. Undoubtedly.

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Tuesday, 09 June 2020 / Published in Posts
Cory Owens Olivia Inkster You Were Always Right

You Were Always Right

I’ve changed a lot. I used to only see the good in people, that’s all I would look for, that’s all I would acknowledge, that’s all that mattered to me.
In the past 5 years, I’ve started to notice the bad. I’ve started to recognize the ugly.
I’ve started to see the negativity and hatred.
My eyes and my mind was once so young, immature, but happy.
It was a different kind of happy. -open minded but unexposed.
Today I am happy, but the transition from that happy to this happy, the exposure, the change, was even uglier than the ugly I can see in people today. The things that I went through can only prepare me for a life that’s meant to get better.
I’m happy now, not the same happy that I used to feel (yet) but a mature happy. It was something wonderful about unknowing and misunderstanding the world and people, that’s what drove me to figure them out, but now that I know, now that I see the contrast, I have the option to be happy, when happiness was just a default in the past. Not only can I see the contrast, but I also hear it all around me. Negativity goes in one ear, and what used to pass through effortlessly, now lingers in the back of my head constantly. It’s loud and apparent.
Negative conversation didn’t make sense to me before and that was The Silence in Black and White.
Now it all makes sense. The choice is not an easy one to make, but I’ve chosen to be happy. I am happy. I will be happy.
The world, it filters itself for you as a child. But as you mature and progress, you must learn to filter the world.
Change has brought progress and progress has brought change. I see your negative energy, but I will recognize and feed from the positive, not only for my own benefit, but yours. We’re not growing up. We’re still kids. We haven’t forgotten. We’re just being distracted.
If you’re looking for yourself, sure you’re hard to find. Step back for a second. You’re looking too closely, attempting to define yourself with what you see, forgetting that what you are seeing is not within you but without. The world is not you, but you have let it be for some time now because someone, somewhere in your lifetime has told you that it’s not okay to be you. They were wrong. You were right. Why did you stop believing in yourself? You were always right.

Friday, 23 September 2016 / Published in Posts

Women Deserve So Much More Recognition

Women deserve so much more recognition than what they have been given. Not only from Men, but from other Women, too.
Women go through some shit many men have never even heard of. Go find a baby and take a good look at him/her. Pick him up and hold him. Feel their weight and their density. Feel their presence. Notice their awareness and assume that they understand enough to know to wrap their whole hand around your finger when they feel it lie in the palm of their little hands. Everything you’ll experience in this moment is a product of the pain of some woman somewhere, but also the product of another man’s pleasure. Children are so incredible. And incredible design is the product of some kind of physical and mental journey which is also incredible but often untold. I have no idea what it really takes for women to endure such labor. Laboring of both Childbirth and Childcare are feats that even the greatest business men could not handle and It’s sad to see that young girls are forced to become Women earlier than they are mentally prepared to do so. Yet they handle it so well and both Men and Women attempt to tear them down continuously, but can’t because the women are already grounded and humbled. With so many things happening in their lives personally, which they do not speak about, they still leave home to work, to smile, to be cat-called at and tried, then judged by other women who refuse to try and slip even a single toe in her shoes or finger in her glove.
Women are capable of so much, but I think I’ve figured it out. Many of them won’t do more because the majority of contributions they have made thus far seem to have gone unnoticed. I see it. What is easy for us may be more mentally challenging for them. When we (men) get praise (by other men) for something as simple/complex as hooking up with a woman, that woman is often criticized by other women. In marriage and in business, though they are one in the same, there should be more women in leadership positions and in general, positions to win and even more men will succeed because of it. Women deserve more recognition than what’s been given.
Tuesday, 20 September 2016 / Published in Posts

Counting From Zero: Start With Your Mind

When we’re taught to count, we’re generally taught to start with the number 1. As we get older, we adapt this technique not only numbers, but with our mindset and with people. Just as the clock or the timer starts from .00 to .01 and counts up to 1.00 (or 12:00:01 to 1:00:00 on a clock), we must start where the minute and second hand both point in this moment. If your body was the clock, where would that be? Your mind. By starting with 1, the second hand (the beliefs) must past each number (or experience) 11 times before the hour hand (the heart) reaches it’s starting point. We experience and attempt to understand the experiences and things outside of ourselves and time passes before we are forced to be faced with our minds.
Why wait until you are forced to face yourself? You can start counting from zero as soon as you’re ready. How can you apply this to your daily life? Prepare yourself mentally to believe that you will accomplish whatever goal you’re about to set for yourself before pursuing it. By doing this you are starting with zero instead of pursuing for the goal first, facing those 11 experiences, stressing your mind and neglecting your health and killing your confidence in the process. The first thing you can do at the beginning of each day is mentally prepare for the inevitable arrival of the situations that will indubitably support the outcome you plan to experience for that day, which will inherently support the outcome of your week / month / year / life. Prepare your mind to believe that any action taken by someone that isn’t perceived to support your goal is one which will manifest through conditional reasoning and not intentional reasoning.
In English, if someone pulls out in front of you on the road, assume that you are that person. Now assume that you had an unintended conditional reason for pulling out in front of someone such as, “I wasn’t paying attention to the person behind me because my child is late for school or I am late for work and I am rushing” Now with yourself in that person’s shoes, apologize to yourself. “I am sorry for pulling out in front of you”.
By creating this mindset first thing in the morning, if someone does pull out in front of you on any given day, the first thing you should do in this case is accept their apology which you’ve mentally created for them ahead of time and mentally reply to them with, “I forgive you, I understand, It’s okay and I hope you make it wherever you need to be.” Because you’ve started at zero, your 1 will be predetermined and 2 – 11 will be more than likely to have a more positive effect on your 12. — Because you’ve started with your mind, your beliefs will be predetermined and your actions, words, perceptions, intentions will all have a more positive effect on your mind. Your life is the clock. The minute hand is the heart. Zero or Twelve is the mind. Don’t start with your beliefs because your beliefs were created by someone else. With life, start counting from zero Start with your mind. That is the only thing that can truly define what you believe, what you can achieve, and why.

Thank you for reading my thoughts for the day. I don’t do these often on my blog, but that’s about to change. It would mean a great deal to me if you shared my work with a friend or family member. Again, Thank You!
Tuesday, 02 August 2016 / Published in Posts
Cory Owens Memphis Entrepreneur Do More Than Just Exist

Do More Than Just Exist

Do you want to do more than just exist? If you want to know something, or if you’re curious enough, you’ll put forward the effort to find it and through that effort, the things that you’re ready to understand will be revealed to you. That does not only apply with information related to what everybody likes to call the “Illuminati” – the socially accepted name for conspiracies, satanism, subliminal messaging, deception, government, masonry, the global elite (all of which are different things and should not be referred to as one) – but It also relates to the way you obtain general knowledge, relationships, religion, order, money, government, physical and mental health and understanding your subconscious mind.
Once you’ve found what your conscious mind is ready to see, you’ll be lead down an individual path to understanding your own life and how to relate this new information to your own existence. You will develop a better understanding of your relationships, how they work, how they were developed and why they exist. You will stumble upon the information necessary to understand how you operate mentally and how to manipulate and ultimately control that operation. You will come to understand the law of attraction, mass awareness (aka the theory of 100 monkeys), subliminal messaging, subconscious conditioning and the art of deception. Whether or not the information you find is true, what you come to believe once that information is found will be true for you. You will begin to understand how each individual exists within your universe but also in their own. Entertainment will become a byproduct of this new knowledge. Your financial wealth and your wealth in relationships will become byproducts of this new knowledge if you decide to seek success in these two areas. If not, then the lack of abundance in your financial wealth, health, relationships and everything that follows will be direct result of the decisions you make (or decide not to make) and the continuous execution of the actions you’ve taken prior to obtaining this knowledge will yield the same and often less satisfactory results as you’ve become more aware of explicit roots in your tree of life. As you travel on this journey into an unfamiliar realm, you will experience a less of an emotional obligation to other people’s actions and expectations, possibly a period of emotional numbness, and hopefully a deeper understanding of one’s self. You. Who you are. What you are. Where you are. When you are. Why you are. and Why you should be: You. Hopefully you will also replace expectation with appreciation. Limits with Liberty, Obstacles with Opportunities, Hearing with Listening, Insecurity with Mental Maturity, Impurity with worthy, Obscurity with Understanding, Can’t with Can, and Words with Action.

You’ll begin to understand others once you’ve come to know yourself.
The seeking of this information will lead you a deeper understanding of your own existence and ultimately of your true purpose, which should expose your true appreciation for negative experiences which have yielded one or many positive results.

Again. As true or false as any information may be. What you decide to believe and practice through action will become true for you. You must also understand that regardless of what I, You, He, She, They or We may think we know or understand, we are much, much closer to knowing and understanding nothing at all than we are to knowing everything. But seeking for self-understanding will never render us incapable of greater potential. Look into yourself and do more than just exist.

Sunday, 12 June 2016 / Published in Poems, Posts
Cory Owens Thunder


I love the sound of thunder. It’s like a beautiful woman with anxiety. Uncontrollable bursts of uncertainty. Often preceded by a quick stab of lightening, or insecurity. Very bright, gorgeous, natural but scary. It can change the mood of an entire room all while shining light on the people who don’t understand it.

It’s the anthem of all the failures and challenges that have made a person successful. You may see their lightening, but you’ll need to stick around to hear their story; the sound of thunder.

I love the sound. Colossal, yet calming. Mother Earth giving birth to the rain, extracting it’s nourishment, enduring the pain. The characteristics of a decent person. A wallflower. A decent person. A small flower in a field full of monkey grass. Not standing tall but standing out. She is not the thunder, but the thunder is her impact. The sound of when she fights back. It’s rare but it’s frightening. And it hides behind her lightening. Her anxiety is but irony: incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs. And she claims it with her whole heart. That uncertainty is hers. But she hates the sound. She hates the sound. She hates the sound; she hates it!


Once upon a time I didn’t understand the thunder, now I see it’s like a spell this anxiety’s got you under.

Thunder. Doom. Thunder. Boom. I CANT FIND MY ____ I SWEAR I LEFT THEM IN THIS ROOM!

Lightening. Wow. Thunder. Pow. “I’m sorry for all the things I said when I was freaking out”

I love the sound, I love the sound, oh I love the sound of Thunder.

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